Is your Brazilian bikini really a “Brazilian” bikini?

octubre 18, 2023

If you purchased a Brazilian bikini in the past, are you certain you received an authentic Brazilian bikini? Brazilian bikinis are widely known all over the world for their incredibly sexy style. Many swimwear brands and retail stores advertise bikinis as “Brazilian” bikinis when, in fact, they are not made in Brazil at all, but in other countries. However, some brands and retailers do make an effort to properly represent these bikinis as “Brazilian style” bikinis and we applaud their effort.

To be sure you are buying a true “Brazilian bikini” check the label inside the garment. US laws require that every apparel item of foreign origin imported into the United States must be marked with the Country of Origin on a fabric label or other approved method.    

We recently made a decision at La Diva World to add authentic Brazilian bikinis to our swimwear offerings.  We made this decision after significant research and after examining sample orders from different Brazilian companies.  We discovered the swimwear is not only sexy in design, but extremely well made from very fine quality fabrics. Consequently, we will be adding swimwear from several Brazilian companies over the coming months, starting with Silti Beachwear bikinis (like the one pictured below) now available at